At, sustainability and ethical manufacturing is the fabric of our business (see what we did there?).

Not only is our packaging 100% plastic free, we carefully pick our manufacturers to meet our high standards.

We do our best to make our price points as low as possible, without cutting corners on what really matters. We know that our profit isn’t the most important thing about acidpeach, and as a result, we’re proud to have a high-quality and affordable brand, with big visions for the future.

Because we’re new and have a way to go before we can manufacture in our own facilities, we use the help of some other great companies. We’ve included their ethical and environmental statements in this page, so that you can be sure you’re paying for the best, and none of our products are the nasty, planet destroying stuff we see all over the place at the moment.

All of our staff are paid above the national living wage, regardless of age. Our DTG printers use only water-based inks. They’re OEKOTEX® approved (they don’t contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals harmful to the environment). All the excess and waste cardboard and paper we produce is recycled. Waste ink is unavoidable, but we dispose of ours respon­sibily. All products that fail quality checks will be donated to charity. Inkthre­adable offsets our Carbon Footprint by funding the planting of trees in the North West of England.


All US production and office facilities have received Platinum accre­dita­tion from WRAP. 100% NO SWEATSHOPS. Our sewing floor is 100% solar powered and creates almost no landfill, everything we can’t turn into a tee is either recycled or repurposed.

Bella & Canvas

Continental Clothing Co. has been running a pro-active social respon­sibility programme as a member of Fair Wear Foundation since early 2006. Continental Clothing Co. became the first company in the world to calculate the carbon footprint and place the Carbon Reduction Label on textile products.­ We have reduced the carbon footprint of EarthPo­sitive®­products by around 90% through a combination of innovative product design, low impact organic agriculture, efficiency in manuf­ac­turing, and by replacing standard grid electricity with renewable wind power. We do not use carbon offsets and our footprint calculations are certified by the Carbon Trust Certi­fica­tions in the U.K.

Continental Clothing

Since day one in 2011, Stanley/­Stella has embraced the Fair Wear Foundation initiatives and has been focusing on cooperating in a responsible way with its suppliers, to the benefit of all workers. Respect for the planet is also strongly rooted in our DNA, as 100% of our cotton is certified organic.